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Vancouver’s Most Fabulous Wedding Venues

Aria Banquet Hall is the perfect place for wedding venues in Surrey, Greater Vancouver! Bright lights, plenty of space, and a wide variety of catering and dining options make our banquet halls in Surrey ideal for the wedding reception of your dreams. You’re not skimping on any other part of your big day, so why skimp on a mediocre venue for your reception?

At Aria Convention Centre, our professional and courteous staff is ready to meet your every need as you eat. Drink, and dance the night away! Aria Convention Centre offers the best wedding reception services in town, and one of our beautiful and spacious banquet halls is waiting for you!

Plan Your Next Event At Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre

Bridal Parties

Aria Banquet Hall has everything you need for your pre-wedding celebrations. With our spacious banquet halls, delicious menu, and professional staff, your bridal party is sure to be a hit. Entertainment, music, dancing, all of this and more is possible and guaranteed to meet your needs when you choose Aria Convention Centre.  In addition to bridal parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties can also be accommodated. Aria Banquet Hall has got you covered for all your pre-wedding fun!

Wedding Ceremonies

More and more couples are straying from the traditional wedding ceremony settings such as churches, cathedrals, and synagogues, and are instead choosing to say their I do’s in more outside- the-box settings. Aria Convention Centre can provide you with the perfect space to hold your wedding ceremony. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a banquet hall for your wedding ceremony is that you can have the wedding reception in the same location, eliminating travel time between venues and avoiding any possible confusion.

Wedding Planning Services

Wedding Receptions

Your wedding reception is when the energy is turned up and the real party starts, so it’s important to choose the right venue for it. With our professional and courteous staff, wide menu selection, and spacious banquet halls, Aria Banquet Hall is the best choice for a glamorous and unforgettable wedding reception. Dance the night away, enjoy our delicious food choices, and make memories as you enjoy your special day at Aria Convention Centre!

At Aria Convention Centre, we understand that planning a wedding and making sure everything is in order for your big day can be a daunting task, and that’s why we offer professional wedding planning services!

Let our professionals help you every step of the way so you can make sure your wedding festivities go off without a hitch. Our planners will always put your needs first, stay in constant communication, and work around your budget.

Your Preferred Banquet Hall for Wedding Events in Surrey and Vancouver

Our excellent customer service is always available to help plan your wedding reception, as well as answer any questions you may have. You’ll always be kept in the loop regarding any details that other venues sometimes fail to mention

Our extensive catering menu offers a variety of choices from a basic simpler menu to our extravaganza buffet! Our chefs are experienced and work hard to give our menu that extra kick.

Let us take care of the particulars both big and small such as lighting, tables, chairs, coverings, décor, and linings. Our aim is for you to enjoy your big day without worrying about a thing!

We welcome the celebrations and traditions of all religions and backgrounds, and are more than happy to accommodate any specific requests you may have.

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