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You can expect your next corporate event to be a big success when you choose one of Aria Convention Centre’s banquet halls in Surrey as the venue! Whether it’s a seminar, business meeting, executive dinner, retirement party, recruitment event, or company holiday party, Aria Convention Centre has just the space you need to make your next corporate event in Surrey a real triumph!

For the best corporate event venue in Surrey, choose Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre. We can help you with any type of event including:

Recruitment Events

Your next company recruitment event is sure to be a success when you choose to host it at Aria Convention Centre. We can help you to attract top talent with our professional and capable staff. The future of your company is important, and the hiring of capable employees is the first step in building that future. At Aria Banquet Hall, we will work with you to plan and run an effective and successful recruitment event.

Retirement Parties

Aria Convention Centre can be the perfect place to honour your company’s next retiree. Show that you appreciate the dedication and hard work of an employee by spoiling them with a lavish retirement party in one of our banquet halls. Our staff will work with you and keep constant communication to ensure your employee’s retirement party is everything he or she deserves.

Business Conferences

Get down to business in style when you choose Aria Banquet Hall for your next business conference. Our spacious and comfortable banquet halls will make doing business an absolute pleasure, making it an enjoyable event for everyone involved. Our staff will help you plan and carry out your event with professional service and constant communication.

Aria – Your Preferred Banquet Hall for Corporate Events in Surrey and Vancouver

Company Mixers

Our spacious banquet halls are the best choice for company mixers. You can be sure that your employees will be in good hands when you choose Aria Convention Centre for company mixers and other corporate events. Mixers are a great way to have your employees get to know each other and build a great company culture, Aria Convention Centre can help you to do just that.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Trade shows and conventions are large-scale events that can require a lot of planning. Aria Banquet Hall can help you to plan and run a successful event that is sure to meet the needs of everyone involved. Proper organization is key in running a trade show or convention, and the professional staff at Aria Convention Centre is committed to doing everything it takes to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Training Seminars

Make your next company training seminar a rousing success with the help of Aria Convention Centre. We have everything you need to hold an organized and effective training seminar with minimal complications. Let us help you get your message across, clearly and professionally!

Plan Your Next Event At Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre

Corporate Parties

Whether it’s an executive dinner, or a company holiday party, Aria Banquet Hall can help to make it a memorable event. Your staff and their families will be treated to a luxurious event complete with a comfortable environment and a delicious assortment of cuisine.

Corporate Event Planning Services

No matter what the corporate event, we can help you with planning and organization and reduce the burden of handling every detail yourself. Our professional planners will work with you and the rest of your employees to meet your needs and stay within any set budgets.

We are committed to taking care of every detail regarding your corporate event. Your company’s image and reputation are extremely valuable, and we want to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible so your company can continue to grow and prosper.

We are committed to handling all of the details so you can focus on doing what you need to do, and we will always make sure to keep you updated with any important information. Have questions? No problem! At Aria Banquet Hall we are always available to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.

Good food always makes a corporate event better, that’s why Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre offers plenty of menu options to choose from. Treat your employees and guests to some delicious cuisine prepared by our professional chefs when you choose Aria Convention Centre.

Don’t wait any longer, contact Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre today and start planning for a successful corporate event!