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How to Plan an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

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For many women, their wedding is one of the most important events in their lives. However, there are other events leading up to this special day which helps to make the wedding even more special. One such event is the bridal shower. A bride will never forget the memories created at this special gathering of family and friends. That is why you must put a lot of care and love into planning a bridal shower. However, planning an event of this kind can be difficult. If you are planning a bridal shower for someone you love, here are a few tips that will help you to pull off an event that will leave the bride with wonderful memories to last a lifetime:

Have fun activities

While the activities should focus on the bride and her upcoming day, ensure that they are activities every attendee can participate in and ones they will likely enjoy. Activities that encourage guests to mingle are usually good bets.

Give functional souvenirs

If you decide to give souvenirs to those will attend the shower, select items that are not only beautiful but functional as well.

Select the menu

One of the most stressful aspects of planning a bridal shower is arranging the food. While you could prepare the food for the party yourself or hire a catering company, it would be easier to select a venue that provides catering as well.

Have a cocktail bar

A party is always better with drinks. So, have a cocktail bar where guests can get a drink and socialize. A signature drink that reflects the bride’s personality would be a nice added detail.

Hire a DJ or create a playlist

It’s not a party if there is no music. The size of the gathering will determine whether you decide to go with a live DJ or a playlist. Whichever option works, carefully select the music based on the type of party you want it to be.

Choose a location

Careful consideration should be given to the venue that will be used to host the shower. After all, the venue will bring everything together. When selecting a venue for a bridal shower you must choose a place that will fit all your guests comfortably. If you want people to dance, ensure they have space to do that as well as all the other fun activities you have planned for the night.

Keep in mind that most bridal shower venues need to be booked weeks, and sometimes months in advance.

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